Free resources

Archaeology experiment with Google Slides

Download the Virtual Archaeology slide deck from here. You'll be prompted to make a copy. The slides are interactive in edit mode, so avoid running it as a presentation.

Cutting snowflakes

We've had a lot of fun with these at the Hive this month. Download a little tutorial and templates below!

Woodland Advent Calendar

I've provided two versions, one to colour in and one that's been coloured already. Download the calendar you prefer and print it out on thin white card. If you're using the black and white version, colour in both pages. Cut three sides of each window on the page with numbers - I'd recommend a craft knife and cutting mat. Then use a glue stick or double-sided tape on the back of the window page, avoiding the windows. Stick the window page carefully on top of the animal page.

Stick puppets

You need:

A4 white card, colouring pencils or pens, sharp scissors, a stick or skewer about 30cm long, double-sided tape and a glue stick.

Print out the templates on thin card and colour the images. Cut out carefully. Place a piece of double-sided tape on the top third of the stick, and fix it to the back of one of the puppet pieces. Glue around it with the glue stick, then sandwich the two puppet halves together with the stick in between. Press the edges with your fingers to make sure all the spikes, feathers or toes are stuck.

If you make lovely puppets with my designs, do let me know! Email